Sunday, 1 August 2010

Coming home.

Today I met an old friend that I haven't seen in ten years. I've never caught up with someone after that amount of time before. At one point he asked me "How was Europe, man?" After that question I just had to laugh before I answered it. Europe was like my whole life and before today I haven't thought of it as some kind of trip for many, many years. I grew up in Europe. Today, while I was at The First Baptist Church in Austin I had this feeling I honestly never thought I'd have over here of coming home. People were coming up to me and saying "Oh my gosh! You're so much taller now! I hardly recognised you" I'll admit I didn't recognise most of them but still there is something about how these people have known me for over fifteen years in some cases.
My family was almost famous at this church, Someone actually recognised me from my dad's blog and told me he was a big fan of my dad's work. Several people thanked me for "What my family has done for this church over the years".

After all the help in job searching and various other areas of help offered by many of the people at this church I began to realise something: Although I don't have much money... any money, I can safely say, honest to you and to myself that in my eyes, I am the wealthiest man I know. I have such an abundance of friends, so many sofas I can crash on and people I can look to for help I know people that care about me all over the globe and that is so much more valuable than money can ever be and I literally would not trade that for all the money in the world. I am absolutely, truly, unbelievably blessed by this. I've managed to spend a month in America now and travel over 1700 miles across this nation after arriving here with no more than thirty dollars to my name. I am so, so thankful for the people that have helped me along the way.

I am very glad I left Scotland. I know my life here hasn't quite taken off yet, but have you ever wished for a second chance? have you ever thought about what you would change if you could just go back a few years and give it a another shot? A fresh start where you could change things for the better? I know I've thought about it and right now I feel like that is exactly what I have, a new beginning.

I know that we often dismiss the title "Land of opportunity" used to describe America but to be perfectly honest... It is! Once I have worked up enough money to start community college I can basically do anything I want. I am genuinely considering Studying to become a Paramedic! Probably just a fly by idea but still, I have so many more options. The fact of the matter is that I wasn't going to amount to much if I stayed in Scotland and now that I am here I have very high hopes my future.

In the end, I want to thank you all for being there for me. I am so happy to have to many good people looking out for me. I would be nowhere without you and with you I can go as far as I want to go and I know I will. You've taught me that the definition of abundance was there all along but I never quite bothered to look for it.