Wednesday, 18 March 2009


Right, a lot of you are probably reading my blog with the intention of finding out what I'm up to these days and are therefor disappointed about how all i've really done is made silly posts about kenneth and Tinsel Twins adventures and kenneth. So I will now briefly explain what i've been up to in the last week.

I don't want to bore you with a detailed account of every event that has taken place so far. I think we'd all prefer a bullet pointed summary of the highlights so far.
  • Thursday 12th of march. the night of "The Fireball!!" My first ever Flaming cocktail. Its surprising how much extra you have to pay for fire these days. 
  • At long last Sam and Ell Watched "The Shining" We've been putting this off for a good two years or so now.
  • The Tinsel Twins were at last reunited. See the below post for a further account of the night.
  • I'm blogging from a pub in keswick called "The Dog and the gun" how manly is that?
  • Donald was cool enough as to join us on sunday night via Skype. We had a shirtless party with Sam, Hugh and Several action men figures.
  • Sam and Hugh's flat is truly awesome
  • I reached $1500,000,000 on mafia wars. What is the point of having money on mafia wars? all you spend it on is properties to provide you with more money; No one can see how much money you have and you can easily get everything you could possibly desire in the game for a meer $10,000,000. What a horrible game. Why do i play that game. I'd make a pact right here and now that i will never log into that time hole again if I wasn't so certain that I would break it.
Whilst I am in a bad mood with the world, Here are the Anti-Highlights of my journey so far:
  • There are two 26 busses in edinburgh. Couldn't they just have a 26 and 27? or perhaps a 26a and a 26b? I went back and forth on that bus a whopping 2 times before i finally came to the conclusion that my stop was blocked due to construction. This led me to pointlessly walk for an entire 4 hours until i finally reached my destination only to see a 26 stop right outside the camping ground seconds before i arrived. But the bright side is that i never gave into paying the extra £1.20 to use the 129 and i never let my feminine side encourage me to ask the bus driver what the dealio-yo was.
  • What the hell is a virgin shot?
  • What's with this twilight obsession? how can he be "Hotter in the book"? It's a book!
  • Sniffy!! Why have you joined Facebook?!?!?!?! You hate facebook! What are you thinking, Giving into your sworn enemy! You sick Bastard! I know no sniffy...
  • Ikea!! The building is like a rabbit trail or a rat maze. It's impossible to make it out without walking through all these rooms filled with cool looking items that you don't want at first but after about an hour or two of the nineties popular music and colourful sofas, Ingvar Kamprad works his magic on you and you begin to desire all of those fancy ice cream scoops and funky Garlic Mincers. I already have a perfectly decent garlic mincer, thank you very much, and i doubt that anyone is going to judge me based upon the colour of my cheese grater.
Sorry, I went off in a bit of a curve there. This Stella must have gotten to me a wee bit. Thanks for reading, I'll try and keep you all posted.

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  1. Do you know, Sam, I did not realise that there were two 26 buses. What the eff?
    Also you are totals right about Ikea.