Sunday, 29 March 2009

London Town - V and A Hats party

Right, I haven't posted for a while due to the fact that ironically the place with the least internet access so far has been merry old London town. Anyway, Friday night we went a hat party at the Victoria And Albert Museum. There was hundreds and hundreds of people wearing silly hats, finally a party i don't feel out of place at. There was cat walks with people wearing funky hats; speeches from famous hat designers; 20s music; dancing hobos and a hat making workshop where i forged the most beautiful hat man has ever as much as dreamed of.

From left to right In this photo by the way is my amigo, Holly Sonabend who's londonese friends have taught me that it is fun to make fun of the scottish. Next is yours truly wearing my beautiful new hat, fresh out of the hat studio followed by my londonian companion, Shannon Hopkins and of course wee liz on the far right.

In the end, being orcadians, me and holly ended up drinking Stella Artois, listening to the waterboys and smoking cheap cigarettes in the V and A courtyard. If anyone asks we didn't know you weren't allowed to smoke there.

Anyway, We're in Chichester now, soon to enjoy Tamara's Birthday meal with the carter family. We're hitting the continent on Wednesday methinks.

As rightfully insincere as it sounds I miss you all, See you guys around.
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