Monday, 6 April 2009


Right, to explain why I haven't been in contact with anyone and that includes Donald and Kim who up until three days ago have been kept grueling up to date with every pointless detail: Basically I'm in Chateauroux, France and am too stingy to waste my money on topping up my phone to provide me with horrifically pricey overseas text and call rates. Or to purchase a French Sim as i am only here for a few days. But i intend to buy a Portuguese one so don't worry, all of you that i have been texting up to date until recently, I'll be able to do so again soon. Anyway we had plans to spend an extra week or so in Chichester but were forced to leave prematurely: Basically we all spend the night out at a friend's house, during the night the toilet tent was blown off the toilet in what to an Orcadian man like me would consider to be some poncey, English winds. Nevertheless as pathetic as the winds were compared to the manly gale force gusts we get in merry Orkney they did still knock the tent over. Early the following morning the local council saw on their live feed that there was an outdoor toilet without anything concealing it, They came down to the camping area in the early, early hours of morn, long before our casual return to the truck and had us kicked out. We figured we were dragging our feet a bit anyway and took this rejection as a hint from the higher power that we should get off our asses and hit the continent.

As I mentioned previously we are now in a quaint French town called Chatearoux. It's ridiculously hot. The warmest I've been since last time I was in southern France – If Ell is reading this I'll have you know it is even hotter than that time. Anyway It's a beautiful French town however it's brought me to again remember that i don't speak French, a problem that causes me bi-annual pain, the up side of this being that it serves as a practical use for my impeccable skill at charades, it must have been a hilarious sight for anybody who saw me trying to mime “Wifi Internet” to the locals. Personally I thought my impression of a satellite receiving and sending radio waves to be quite well done and the sound effects weren't too bad either. I'm now on the street stealing internet from a nearby apartment. However this en devour should make me better appreciate my enhanced communication skills i should have tomorrow as i pass through Spain where i will have no trouble blindly answering yes or no questions and asking people where my Tequilla is.

Anyway we're off to Portugal in the morning to see some old friends. There should be surfing in this for me which seems a plus. I haven't surfed since I was two years old but even then i doubt I'll have retained what inevitably little skill I had back then. I expect that I'll have a decent amount of internet access there so my blog should be better up to date that it has been in the recent past, although you can probably just assume that I will spend the next two weeks surfing and drinking fine wine in the sun whilst constantly surrounded by beautiful Portuguese women.

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  1. Even hotter than that one time eh?