Thursday, 7 January 2010

The travels of Don and Samuel - Part B

Now realizing we were going to be, for a month or so, full time walkers, we new we had to get ourselves kitted out, lest the other pilgrims make fun of us. I, myself (Donald), found a nice little shop where I picked up a lovely walking stick, varnished with a wrist strap and a compass built into the head for just a few euros and a knife for...all purposes.

I (Sam), however -being a much more rugged and manly kind of guy- Surpassed Donald's Badassity and Scavenged his own stick using his keen intellect and superior survival skills. Donald was highly envious and deeply admired Sam's passion and Badassity.

Later that day sam soiled himself repeatedly. I begged him to stop as the smell was somewhat...inhumane but he just ran around in circles screaming, "I HAVE OLD BALLS AND LIKE MEN!!!!"

True story, I (Sam) did.

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