Thursday, 1 July 2010

Sam and Donald: The Resurrection

Ok, It's been a bloody long time since I've written on here and it wouldn't be too hard to pronounce the blog dead but I figure life is becoming fairly interesting again so I'm going to attempt to resurrect it.

Sadly I feel that it may be too late to describe the majority of Me and Donald's adventures together which is funny considering the name of the blog and the fact that we only seem to write when we are apart. But try not to keep me to my word as I very much hope to break it on a rainy day.

First off I should explain what's changed since I have last written here: Donald is in New Zealand and has been for about two and a half months however he is moving back to Scotland in the next few days. He is now in a relationship with my very old friend, Alana who is in Portugal at the moment but will be joining Donald in Scotland. If ever there was a third member of Sam and Donald it would probably be her.

On the other hand, I am in a very different situation. I moved to Edinburgh after My year of travel with the intention of working over the summer and starting college in the Autumn. A month ago - 3 days before my Audition at my desired uni - I received a phone call from my parents explaining that my visa renewal had been rejected because some things got lost in the mail and we consequently missed the deadline.

I settled down with a job and a flat and enjoyed 3 wonderful months of living in Edinburgh, I spent time with old friends and made a lot of new ones. But sure enough, I was overdue for a sudden, dramatic life change and after hearing the news of my visa rejection I am now back in America, The first time i have lived here since I was nine years old.

As well as keeping you all up to date to where I am and what I am doing I want to keep a bit of focus on the American clich├ęs we are all familiar with from the films and sitcoms, like going to a baseball game and getting one of those giant, foam fingers that say "#1"; Going to a party heading upstairs with a girl and finding myself in a hilarious situation involving vomit or some other horrible substance; drinking beer out of a red, plastic cup that is white on the inside; going on one of those mechanical bull things; Getting Chinese in those square, white, cardboard boxes or spiking the punch at prom.

I know I keep on saying that I will keep up the blog and then end up abandoning it for even longer than I had initially and this probably will be the same story but maybe... just maybe life will be slow moving enough here for that not to be the case.

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