Wednesday, 1 July 2009


As I breifly stated in my last post I am now living alone in Switzerland... Well, Maybe not alone, I share a flat... A room... Ok, A bed but none the less I am no longer with my family, I work with a swiss moving company called "Speed Service" and I must say that out of the six jobs that I've had this one could quite likely be the best; I get along great with my co-workers including my boss which is always a very important factor; It is really enjoyable, pleasant work and It pays significantly better than any other job I've had.

I am living with a Christian Community of about forty people. My boss, Frankie started  Speed Service about four years ago and has since then bought a very large appartment block which provides accommodation for his employees. It is like a very close group of friends that eat together, live together, work together etc. All of the meals are  provided, everything! I litterally have not spent a single penny since my arrival in switzerland and have been living like a king. There is even a wide range of food, drinks, toiletries, sparklers and everything else I may need in the cellar for me to help myself to. Toiletries that answer your enquiry as to why I smell like Axe (Linx) anti-hangover shower gel that I have not been able to test but remain certain that it has absolutely no effect whatsoever on hangovers. Anti-Hangover? You've got to think about who the target buyers for these sort of things are, Slightly off topic but Did you ever notice that both Girl bands and Boy bands are girl's music? And why are Britney and All those other pop stars doing the whole sexy thing when their music targets women?? what the hell??

Anyway Switzerland is incredible, I am genuinely shocked at the economy over here, It is amazing, Prices of everything is not at all that much higher than any other western european countries yet everyone has so much money, I swear that in one day I see more ferraris than I do in a month anywhere else in the world! Yesterday we moved furniture into a place with one of them fireplaces thats in the centre of the room. I need say no more.

Anyway I'm here for a month and then off to Spain for the camino de santiago and that is as far ahead as I know, but I think I like it better that way, gives me alot more opportunities to be spontaneous, because we all know that spur of the moment decisions are allways the best... and worst.

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