Monday, 19 July 2010

Diary Entry 9th July. Houston, Texas

I can't describe my trip from Houston to Austin in words any better than I did in my diary entry that day. So I am just going to copy it out onto this blog post. The first few paragraphs were written during the hour in which the bus was late.

9th July 2010 - Houston, Texas

I am at a bus stop at a bus station in Houston. I wouldn't know it was a bus stop if it didn't have this old, tattered sign saying so and even then I have doubts.

A woman just tried to give me money thinking I was a hobo... I technically am but I don't need her charity! Do I really look that poor? I said "Sorry, I am not a hobo. I am just waiting for a bus" Then again I am a hobo and I look like a hobo, all my clothes are old and ripped, my bags are in awful condition, I have no money, no job and no home. If I didn't have so many friends helping me out I would be a fully fledged hobo and would gladly, GLADLY!! have accepted that money! S**T!! I am a hobo! I am a bum. Land of opportunity? more like land opporSHMUNity!! (Finally an opportunity to say that... I just said opportunity, maybe it is the land of opportunity...) She's the one that looked like a hobo!! It's grunge! It's me retro 90s look... WHAT?!?! THERES A REAL HOBO BUT 20 METERS AWAY!! he's holding a sign and everything!! Why didn't she offer him the money? Maybe it is because he is mexican. This isn't even my lowest point!! I could have used that money two weeks ago, lady!! Then again I am pretty hungry and dehydrated.

AGAIN!?!?!?! Two (hot) girls just gave me a Gatorade and a pack of Doritoes! They saw me, went inside and bought me food and beverage, probably thinking if they gave me money I would just use it to feed my heroine addiction. I told them I wasn't a hobo and that I was just waiting for a bus but they just said "It's hot out here, Take it!" I accepted that one in the end I admit.

A THIRD F*****G time!!!!!! WHAT THE F***??????? some guy just gave me ten dollars! I said I wasn't a hobo and I was just waiting for a but but he said "Man, I know but I know what it's like travellin' all over the place. Take it, man!... I'm goin' to Austin tomorrow, would have told you to hop in with me!" WHAT?!?!?!?! At least I can pay back my overdraft now!

Finally got the bus and the bus driver said "You've been a good crowd! How bout a movie?" then he asked me to put on Iron Man as I was tall and close to the DVD player. I've never got a movie on a bus before! they always just leave the TVs off. If I've ever felt god's favour before, I do now. I am definitely meant to go to Austin.

Didn't get a good spot or the film though, I am in the front where the only TV in front of me is broken so I have to watch it on the one on the other side where it's a bad angle and the sun is bouncing off the screen. The speaker is broken too so I can hardly hear it. No other seats are free either, this is disappointing. WOW!!! some eastern european woman just went up to the bus driver and complained about the film distracting her from her work and asked to sit in one of the seats in the front that you aren't allowed to sit in and he told her that due to her complaint he would have to turn off the film. So I said she could switch seats with me where you can hardly see or hear it and now I have a kick ass speaker and a perfect view of a TV. WOO!!

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    What a great story! Go the hobo!