Thursday, 1 July 2010

U.S.A. - Complaint No. 1: Advert Breaks are mental.

The Advert breaks are bloody insane!! In Britain it is simple, a half hour television show starts at the end of an ad break and has one in the middle and one at the end unless it is on BBC or Sky Movies in which case it has no Ad breaks. Here the ad breaks are all over the place!! First off a half hour show will generally have two ad breaks, one more than one occasion three!!! take friends today for instance, it had an ad break at the end of the opening credits, one in the middle and one before the credits. It's such a let down to sit through an ad break only to find the credits of the show you've been watching, on top of that there was no ad break at the end!! It just went strait on to the next show!!!! It gets even worse than that though, I was watching a film where the credits were shown in a little square whilst a slightly larger square beside it showed the opening sequence of the family guy episode that was instantaneously beginning!!!


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