Monday, 5 July 2010

Independence Day

My first fourth of July celebration in eleven years! i daresay for all the fuss about it, it doesn't really seem like that big a deal, the day was no different than any other day, when night came there was a free Pat Green gig, an orchestra playing the national anthem and maybe 15 minutes at best of elaborate, breath taking fireworks. I must say though that the fireworks were incredible!! They boast having "The biggest fireworks display in the Nation" which may mean the U.S.A and it may just mean Texas as they tend to do that.

I put on a bright red shirt - the Kraftwerk shirt for those who are familiar with it - and it turns out that was like a theme, a lot of the people would wear a red, white or blue T-Shirt to celebrate the holiday and almost all of those people went with red because neither of the other colours stand out. As a result of looking so patriotic I was afraid someone would start talking to me under the impression I am a real proud american only to find out I am the kind of American that doesn't actually know the Pledge of allegiance, anything more than the first line of the national anthem or the fact that the chorus that goes "America! America! Oh country tis of thee" is actually part of a different song entirely, I'll admit I have known better than the last part but for a much smaller period of time than I care to divulge.

Anyway!! The 52 minutes wait till I can finish my episode of Peep Show on MegaVideo is done so I suppose I'll wrap this up.

Take her easy, ladies and fellas!!

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